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Real Estate Photography and Videography for Social Media

Social media videos have become a powerful tool for real estate agents and short-term rental owners alike. Videos capture attention more effectively than a mere photo, image or text, which naturally lead to higher engagement and intrigue in a property. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook will often give videos greater visibility than other types of content, because they know videos are what keeps people tuned in. For real estate, social media videos will reach a broader audience in a compelling and immersive manner. Videos help realtors and owners provide a more detailed view of the property, highlighting the best features while giving an honest overview of the entire space. This transparency can helpfully weedout competition without a social media edge.

With social media platforms prioritizing video content in their algorithm, real estate agents and short-term vacation owners get higher visibility and an edge on the market. For real estate websites and listings, social media videos improve search engine optimization (SEO), which drives up traffic and increases the visibility of the listing on search engines. When social media videos for real estate listings and rental bookings are shared across social media platforms, the likelihood of word-of-mouth marketing and referrals increases exponentially. Buffalo Real Estate Photographers can provide social media tiles for Facebook, Instagram and X, vertical reels, teaser videos formatted to share on social media outlets, full length branded and unbranded videos. There is no doubt that social media real estate marketing is a powerful strategy to boost exposure, demand, and ultimately the sale or rental price of your property. Contact us now to discuss our services!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of social media real estate marketing?
Just as 360 degree tours and lifestyle photography creates emotional connection to a home, social media videos create a story around a property. Prospective buyers and vacation renters are virtually transported to the property, powerfully pursued through social media videos to envision themselves enjoying or living in the space. Allowing prospective buyers, vacation renters, and mid-term renters to explore a property remotely is a thoughtful way to reach those with busy schedules or out-of-towners.

What types of videos are most effective for real estate social media?
Ideally, videos should be between one to three minutes for a comprehensive tour. Shorter clips range from 15 to 60 seconds, and can be used to highlight specific features of the property. The type of video Buffalo Real Estate Photographers will shoot depends on client preference and which social platforms will be used.

How can I promote my real estate videos on social media?
It is critical to utilize hashtags when posting content online that you wish to be easily found and shared. It’s also important to post consistently, which further improves standing in real estate SEO. You will also need to engage with your followers or audience through responding to comments. Additionally, running targeted ad campaigns will increase the visibility of your videos.

Can social media video replace traditional photography?
The use of video content in social media is dynamic and powerful, but this approach complements, rather than replaces traditional photography. It is ideal that both methods are utilized for a fast sale or quick booking. Using video in real estate photography on social media offers optimal connections with buyers and potential bookings for rentals.

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