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Professional Real Estate Photographers of Buffalo NY

Buffalo Real Estate Photographers offers premier photography, videography, and aerial drone services for Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas. With over a decade of professional real estate media experience, our clients count on us to deliver the best possible online visual marketing experience that every house deserves. We work with real estate agents listing homes through the MLS, as well as for sale by owner properties, vacation rentals, short-term rentals, Airbnb, VRBO, Furnished Finders, and SplitPad owners. We also enjoy working with commercial properties, apartment complexes, and home improvement companies to provide images for their print and online marketing collaterals. We are Buffalo’s best full-service real estate photography and media company serving the Greater Buffalo, NY area.

We are born and raised Buffalonians and the go-to WNY real estate photographers. We are deeply committed to providing our clients with professional, friendly, and reliable service. As we strive to offer the highest standard in real estate photography, we are constantly evolving to ensure our clients expectations are exceeded. Our image capture and editing are provided in the form of digital images utilizing high-dynamic range (HDR), exposure blending and flash photography to ensure high quality results in any weather or lighting conditions. Real estate photo packages are available for exterior and interior shots for both residential and commercial properties. 

We are a company dedicated to helping clients increase their brand with visual assets through offering comprehensive Buffalo-based real estate photography services. We are a one-stop shop for all aspects of real estate media. We offer proven solutions for home and commercial advertising. As a local Buffalo business, we customize our services to specifically match our customer’s real estate goals, whether selling or listing short-term, mid-term, and long-term rentals. We understand the power of stunning images and cinematic videos in showcasing your property’s best aspects, especially as buyers often view real estate photography before seeing an actual property. Utilizing our expertise leads to faster home sales with higher profit margins. We know every client’s needs are specific and each property is unique, so please contact us for pricing.

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Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Photographer

There is no shortage of statistics about the benefits for real estate photography. Most importantly, professional photographs put more money in the pockets of the selling party including homeowners and real estate agents. If you are renting your home for vacation rentals, you only need to listen to a few podcasts to realize that the top vacation rental owners use professional photographs as a top strategy to boost rental bookings and rental rates. The best part is that there is still so much opportunity because not every real estate agent or vacation rental owner uses professional photographs! 

Consider the following statistics obtained from Redfin, Zillow, realtor.com, and surveys completed through the National Association of Realtors:

  • Listings with professional photographs of the home are viewed 61% more than those without. You can also apply this to vacation rentals. There is no doubt that real estate photography will create more traffic for your listing. 
  • 87% of home buyers rate photos to be the most important feature of a real estate website. Home buyers spend 60% of their time looking at pictures compared to 20% of their time reading descriptions written about the home. 
  • 89% of homebuyers say that photos are the most important factor when they are looking for homes on the internet. 
  • 72% of realtors believe hiring a professional photographer is essential to marketing themselves to potential home sellers.
  • 61% of realtors hire a real estate photography company to shoot their listings. 
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  • Listings that use professional photographs sell for an average of 47% more per square foot than listings that are marketed by amateur photographers or cell phone pictures. 
  • Real estate agents who use professional photographers earn twice as much commission compared to agents who don’t use these services. 
  • Listings that use photography companies sell on average 32% faster than those with low quality photos. 
  • Not only do drone photographs boost home sales, but they sell a house 68% faster than listings that do not use aerial drones. 
  • Virtual tours boost home sales to the tune of $9,000 more and they sell 10 days faster on average according to Redfin. 
  • Virtual tours increase views by 87% according to realtor.com
  • Video content increases views by 100% according to Zillow.

If you are looking at the statistics above and are realizing that hiring a professional real estate media company is a no brainer, then contact us right now to discuss our service packages. The small investment you make when will increase your profit margin exponentially. We provide high quality and reliable services for an affordable price. Call today to take your marketing to new heights. 

Our Services

Luxury Real Estate Photography
If you plan to sell or market a property, taking fantastic images to confidently display is crucial for the best outcomes and top-dollar offers. We use state of the art cameras and technology to provide the sharpest images from multiple perspectives. We are experts in hi-res photos for interior and exterior property characteristics. We are masters in High-Dynamic Range (HDR) as well as Flambient Photography to provide first-class images to our clients. Our Flambient method is part of our luxury real estate media package and it sets us apart from other Buffalo area companies, as not all offer this method. Flambient Photography is a style highly sought after for creating natural-looking photos that will bring many potential buyers and renters knocking on your door. Only the best for the City of Good Neighbors!

Real Estate Drone Photography
Within the Buffalo-Niagara region, our FAA-licensed UAV pilots provide crystal-clear HD aerial photos and videos. We offer Buffalo’s most stunning aerial imagery for real estate promotional purposes. We understand how to showcase any property, finding the most beautiful angles, and producing  high-quality snapshots and videos. Using a combination of experience and state-of-the-art drone technology, Buffalo Real Estate Photographers will deliver top-notch drone and aerial photography and videography services.

Matterport Tour
Are you ready to digitally transform your real estate property through 3D models and stunning renderings to maximize marketing? 3D Matterport virtual tours include a collection of 360° images placed in the proper location and creating a high resolution 3D model of the space. This provides an immersive virtual tour of your property, enabling potential buyers to explore homes in detail from any device. The platform offers AI-driven insights and integrates with various real estate portals and social media platforms for seamless sharing and marketing all over WNY and beyond.

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Real Estate Videography
Our pros provide state-of-the-art cinematic video tours to create a powerful connection between the buyer or renter and the property. It’s no secret that real estate is a visual medium, and the pros at Buffalo Real Estate Photographers understand needing to showcase larger properties in bigger ways. From home sales, luxury office space, or extravagant vacation rentals, trust us with your real estate video marketing. We can offer voiceovers to talk about some of the details that the property provides, highlighting key features and amenities.

Lifestyle Real Estate Photography
Lifestyle photography in real estate helps potential buyers and renters connect with a property by getting a sense of what it could be like to live there. Beyond staging the home or simply taking pictures of a neighborhood, our expert real estate photographers understand how to draw forth emotions when people view our real estate images to help potential buyers and renters experience the lifestyle it offers. With our Buffalo area lifestyle photography, we focus on showing off a property’s unique features and the kind of life potential buyers or renters could have in that space. It’s more than just taking pictures; it’s about making people feel something when they look at those pictures.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing
Reach potential buyers and renters of all ages with social media videos optimized for attention on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok. Generally, social media videos are about 30 seconds but we provide up to 1-3 minute reels depending on specific client needs. These teaser reels set to music are designed to grab potential buyers and renters and videos are included with every virtual tour and are a simple slideshow of the listing images. They are quick to download and can be shared on a variety of social media platforms.

Twilight Real Estate Photography
The Magic Hour or the Golden Hour is that beautiful time of day where the sky explodes with color. This makes for a beautiful photograph of the exterior of a house, and can make all the difference in the final presentation of a property. It is especially magical to see the light flooding out from large windows during the Golden Hour. Noteworthy is the statistic that using twilight photography as the main photo for a property listing can increase views by an average of 76%! Additionally, twilight usage overwhelmingly leans towards higher priced homes with 59% towards homes $500k+, 32% for homes $300-$500k, and 8% for homes $100-$300k. It’s a great way to grab the attention of potential buyers and make a property stand out.

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What You Can Expect

As the best real estate photographers in Buffalo and WNY, we understand how to work with our clients. We know your time is valuable, so we do not require you to be present during a shoot, unless they wish to be. The typical photo shoot lasts about 1 to 1-1/2 hours, but most homes can be photographed in an hour or less. Larger homes naturally take longer and so do shoots with added services. Our experienced real estate photographer will take time to tour the property prior to beginning the photo shoot, as this is crucial for ensuring the highest quality images.

We understand clients have time-sensitive requirements and tight schedules. We strive to offer flexible scheduling and quick turnaround times after the shoot to help leverage time effectively. Once images are captured, they are processed using the latest photo enhancing software and techniques. Final images are uploaded to a dropbox account, for easy viewing with a link, and are able to be downloaded for listings. The possibilities are extensive, with our goal being superior photography services that help us stand out as your best option in the Buffalo and surrounding area markets.

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Preparing Your Home for a Photo Shoot

When it comes to marketing real estate, first impressions are vital in showing the listing at its very best. Real estate photos are what most potential buyers or clients view first. To optimize any professional real estate photos, the importance of preparing a home or property for real estate photography cannot be overstated. Well staged and tidy properties maximize curb appeal and become a catalyst for our clients to receive top dollar when selling or renting. The bottom line is our real estate images drive up buyer traffic to see a home. For the fastest and most profitable way to sell a home in WNY, we suggest using our home prep checklist to ensure the home is ready to wow the MLS.

Our home prep checklist below is designed as a marketing tool for preparing a home and a home seller for the sale of their house. After working through the home checklist, your home or property is ready to bring top dollar 

Entire home:

  • Thorough cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, wiping countertops, and washing windows
  • Turn ON all overhead lights and lamps
  • Replace any burned out or missing light bulbs
  • Verify the same temperature bulb is carried throughout the home – all incandescent or all compact fluorescent
  • Turn off all ceiling fans
  • Shut off all televisions
  • Turn off all computer screens
  • Allow in natural light by opening all blinds or window treatments
  • Make the beds
  • Remove personal photographs
  • Eliminate all small area rugs
  • Put away shoes and all clothing in closets.

Curb appeal:

  • Close the garage doors
  • Remove cars from driveway and along the front
  • Perform landscaping such as mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, and raking leaves
  • Pick up/put away items such as toys, empty planters, water hoses, and garden tools
  • Consider a new doormat 
  • Ensure the front door is clean 


  • Clean and straighten deck, patio, outdoor tables, chairs, cushions, etc.
  • Eliminate faded/stained cushions, pillows, or patio umbrellas
  • Pick up/put away toys, athletic equipment, and games
  • Vacuum, skim, and clean pool and surrounding area
  • Remove/conceal pool equipment, chemicals, and cleaning supplies
  • Activate any pool fountains or water features
  • Put away water hoses
  • Remove trash cans


  • Remove food and water bowls, pet toys, and bedding
  • Contain pets outdoors, in a hidden crate, or ideally away from home
  • Use a lint roller and thoroughly eliminate pet hair
  • Clear the yard of pet waste, toys, or leads


  • Clear and clean all countertops
  • Put away/conceal baking supplies, knife blocks, cutting boards, etc.
  • Keep a maximum of one small, visible appliance such as the coffee maker
  • Remove any magnets, papers, or photos from the refrigerator
  • Conceal garbage cans
  • Leave no dishes in the sink
  • A tasteful bowl containing one type of fruit (e.g., lemons) is a great accent 

Dining room:

  • Clear and clean the dining room table
  • Dust and polish the table
  • Set up decorative place settings if applicable
  • Include one centerpiece, such as a vase of flowers
  • Ensure chairs are straightened, pushed in, and spaced evenly

Living/family room:

  • Clear and clean all stacks of papers, mail, magazines and clutter
  • Clear and clean the fireplace mantle/hearth, leaving no more than five items
  • Clean the interior of the fireplace
  • Arrange and fluff any decorative pillows
  • Ensure any toys or stray items are stored away


  • Clean and press bed linens to eliminate wrinkles
  • Make the beds
  • Clean and clear nightstands of personal items and clutter
  • Put away any phone or tablet charging cables
  • Clean and clear dressers
  • Remove any personal photos from the room
  • Clean and clear under the beds, removing items that might show in photos


  • Clear and clean countertops
  • Remove soap, toothbrushes, medications, cosmetics, and all personal items
  • Put toilet seats down
  • Close drawers and closet doors
  • Remove soap, shampoo, and all items from showers and tubs
  • Remove floor mats
  • Remove used bath towels, hand towels, or washcloths
  • Display only new, unused towels
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